Shared mobility offers the convenience and freedom of vehicle ownership without the burden of expensive purchasing and maintenance costs.

The transition from vehicle ownership to shared mobility is well underway. The introduction of autonomous vehicles will accelerate this transition, resulting in the shared mobility market to be worth $220bn by 2030 (Rethinking Mobility, May 2017 - Goldman Sachs)

The HireGo decentralised platform will make car and scooter sharing more accessible, secure and affordable than ever before.


Using blockchain based user identity solutions provides assurances that users of the platform are genuine and trustworthy. Everything will be stored on the blockchain, creating an indisputable record of a user’s conduct.

Communities and Fleet Management

Fully customisable communities and fleets. All fleet management functions are automated including user authentication and financial transactions.

Smart Contracts

The use of smart contracts, contractual code running on the Ethereum network, removes the necessity for a middleman and allows users to conduct trustless rental transactions

IoT Ready

The HireGo contract will allow physical access to the vehicles to be governed by ownership of the requisite tokens

Before HireGo

  • Centralised Structure
  • High Commission Up To 35%
  • Pooling of Sensitive Data Prone to Hacking
  • Lack of User Control
  • Expensive Traditional Insurance
  • Monopolising Central Entity

With HireGo

  • Decentralized Structure
  • User Control
  • Zero Commission
  • Blockchain Encrypted Keyless Access
  • Seemless Peer to Peer Payments
  • Earn token rewards and electric vehicle charging bonuses
  • Decentralized P2P Insurance (up to 80% cheaper than traditional)
  • Traceability and Transparency
  • IoT and Interoperable Shared Mobility Ready

Decentralised social proof insurance

Blockchain is disrupting the insurance industry thanks to decentralised social proof insurance.

By using token incentives, users are rewarded for recommending other users and for good driving behaviour.

By encouraging a robust and vibrant vehicle sharing community, along with the use of token incentives, HireGo users will have access to significantly discounted insurance rates of up to 80% when compared to traditional insurance.

The insurance option will be available within the app HireGo app so that users can seamlessly access vehicles.







Key Partnerships

HireGo App

The HireGo app will allow users with little or no knowledge of blockchain technology to seamlessly access the HireGo rental platform and begin listing vehicles or searching for available cars to hire.

The HGO tokens and smart contracts will be used for all transactions. Users can convert from and to other currencies within the application.

Users will be able to access the HireGo platform from anywhere in the world.

For more information on the app and smart contracts see our whitepaper.

Our beta DApp is available on Rinkeby at

Demo App
iOS Alpha

Decentralized Keyless Unlocking

In addition to standard car sharing where the owner would hand over the keys in person, we will also be providing the option to fit our simple to install hardware device to allow unlocking over the blockchain. We are also discussing with manufacturers about factory installed unlocking solutions.

1User books a car hire from on the HireGo platform
2The vehicle is fitted with the HireGo DKU Kit or is IoT ready
3The hirer is next to vehicle and in possesion of the vehicle token. The vehicle is then unlocked.
4The same process also allow keyless ignition from our platform.

Meet Our Team

Luqman Hussain

Co-Founder and a DApp, mobile and web development expert. Experience as a founder of a successful mobile application development firm and previously Senior Architect in UK's top FTSE organisations.

Adil Bashir

Co-Founder and an advocate for decentralisation and a business management expert specialising in cost and systems analysis. Assisted companies across the UK in improving efficiency and increasing profitability.

Ali Ayyash

Co-founded Beetoken, Technical Blogger, ex-Google and ex-Amazon. Ali will be advising the HireGo engineering team.

Claudio Ramirez

MBA, MEng., MEM, Aeronautical Engineer, Securities Investor(RG146), Entrepreneur, Blockchain/AI/IoT/VR/AR Advocate.

Dr. Vimal Gahlot

18 years in the field of academics, research, planning, development and execution of road projects. Involved in handling World Bank funded road projects. Research interests include traffic engineering and public transport planning.

Esther Carrión

Sharing Economy Researcher at Charles University in Prague

Luke Mitchell

Consultant for several blockchain businesses including Mothership, a cryptocurrency exchange; StartJOIN, for crowdfuning; and The Real Asset Co, creating the first gold backed cryptocurrency.

Nyugen Quang

Experienced at bringing ICOs to market and community management

Shakil Hussain

Mobile user-experience designer and corporate identity designer


Q4 2017
R&D and whitepaper
Q1 2018
Begin development on testnet
Q2 2018
Develop utility token structure and methods for incentivisation
Q3 2018
Launch demo apps on Ethereum testnet
Q4 2018
Begin iOS and Android development
Q1 2019
Preparing public trials
Q2 2019
Launch public trials
Q3 2019
Update to native apps to include community features
Q4 2019
Launch advanced features: keyless unlocking and corporate fleet mgmt
Q4 2017
R&D and whitepaper
Q1 2018
MVP available on Rinkeby
Q2 2018
Industry and investment partnerships
Q3 2018
Deliver the first beta of the HireGo iOS app
Q4 2018
Pilot of HireGo with existing car sharing network
Q1 2019
Deliver HireGo app for Android, issue token incentives for early users
Q2 2019
HireGo platform available to all
Q3 2019
Integration of IoT devices for smart contract enabled car sharing (beta)
Q4 2019
Pilot of decentralised keyless unlocking (DKU)


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